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When people ask me when did I first start writing

I say it was when I first started being able to write, so about five years old then. Looking at my first two school reports they both say "Catherine has a very vivid imagination and writes very interesting stories." I'm not sure this was meant as a compliment, but at the end of the day it was true.

The only disadvantage I've come across so far is my imagination is far worse than any horror film I have seen, this makes going upstairs afterwards a feet in it's self. I usually end up running up the stairs, refusing to look in the mirror or out of the windows and however late forcing myself to stay up and watch something else to distract me.

Which works most of the time but sometimes I wake up hours later with some scary ass through running around in my head. To scared to open my eyes and wanting every part of me covered under the duvet so no ghostly hands can make a grab for me, means no matter how hot I am the duvet is pulled up to my chin and I prey for nightmare sleep to return until at least it's light outside.

I find writing a very relaxing experience most of the time, and it a great way to let some of my crazy imagination roam free firstly in my head and then in a more organised manner on paper and finally in electronic format.

I'm not sure what my writing says about me or what is swirling around in my brain but if anyone else get's any enjoyment out of the things I'm a happy bunny.

One final thought I won a few art competitions as a child, the first picture, a collage was really random, all I can remember about it was a witch was sticking out of the chimney. I won the first prize, the person judging said it reminded them of something they had recently dreamt. Seems my imagination isn't limited to writing, let's just be grateful I don't go in for baking, god only knows what weird cakes you could be subjected to on here! Lol

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