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Letters from the heart

Everyday life gives us opportunities to grow as a person and how we deal with any given situation, the emotions we feel have an impact on the decisions we make. We can be empowered by our emotions or we can feel enslaved by them. This little book of letters will show you how you can use your emotions to enrich your life and find the happiness and fulfilment we all seek. 

Adventures of an extraordinary kind v2.jpg

Adventures of an extraordinary kind
The Great Escape

Rebecca is a typical tomboy, she is fearless and believes she understands the world she lives in, even if she isn't always entirely sure where she fits in to it. Facing challenges which test her bravery and sanity, she wonders if she really is the fearless adventurer she always believed. She believed only fairies lived at the bottom of the garden, the truth is all together far stranger.

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