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About Me!

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I have always loved reading and writing, but it wasn't until a friend of my mine told me about an event that had recently taken in her life that I thought I could make a story about that! 


Since then what I originally thought would be a short story has grown until it is almost a completed book.


One of the things I think that had stopped me from getting going was research. I always thought this would be dull, like majorly dull and time-consumin. I was wrong, oh, I was very wrong, research is in actual fact one of the funniest parts of the process. You wouldn't believe the stories people have told me about waxing disasters!


The thing is, I've always had a great imagination. If you took a look at my school report, I was five when this happened, my teacher wrote "Catherine has a very vivid imagination" and not in a tone that was meant as a compliment. 


However, It isn't just writing I love, I paint, draw, upcycle furniture, take photos and sew. I am sure my daughter wishes I didn't sew, especially after I made her wear a full Piglet outfit, tail and ears included for school on World Book Day.


I also have a love for animals, my orange and white cat Basil and matching coloured dog Issey, and two prime examples of this. I actually have a bunch of poems about Basil that are going to be published in a new book.


One of the things I have discovered in the past few years is the effect poetry can have on me, whether it is reading or writing it. The power to create emotions in a few short words never ceases to amaze me.

Oh, I might also mention I love coding, psychology, and dancing whilst making dinner.


So here we are with two books written, three in progress, a selection of poetry, short stories, and blog posts here for all the world to see.


I hope you enjoy the words that come from my quirky mind and if you have anything you would like to share I would love to hear it.

Love, Cate x

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