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Trusting your instinct

So, we all have decisions to make in our life, most of them are easy and we don't really have to think about them. However, some are hard and take a lot of thought. One thing to remember is there are always choices, not always conventional or easy but choices nevertheless. If the choices you make come from the heart, from what feels right inside, those are primarily the right choices to make, these are the choices that are easy to live with, come what may.

I have in the past made choices with sound reasons for doing so, however they didn't sit quite right inspite of this and invariably they didn't work out for me quite as I hoped. So I tried to learn from these lessons, trust my instinct and proceed as such, these choices have not only worked out as I hoped but much better.

I have had some wonderful experiences, met some amazing people and I am sure there is much more of that to come.

Believe in yourself, your right to be happy and enjoy things in life however big or small, as much as possible.

The world is full of opportunities and you never know what is around the corner, if you are just brave enough to take a peek :)


Cate x

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