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I wish the people supermarket would go out of business!

In a world that gets busier by the day, we are ever more grateful for things that take the time and effort out of so many of the things we do. However, in one respect I think we should stop and instead of looking for fast and tidy answers, we should take our time and look beyond our initial thoughts. I am talking about what I call the people supermarket.

So let's think about shopping, in particular the effort it takes to go food shopping, week after week. We have to find the time, a place to park, what are we going to buy and the list goes on. So when someone came up with the idea for online food shopping I suspect many of us were happy with this time-saving invention.

Now, this got me thinking about people and how often without even realising it we categorise them and very quickly at that.

Picture this: all the people you have ever met or will meet are all very neatly placed on the shelves in a supermarket. Below each person is a list of categories that have been used to define that person. Our friends are in one aisle, family in another, work colleagues in yet another, and the list goes on. Each person is packed neatly into their box and we are secure in the knowledge that we know who they are.

Then out of the corner of our eye we realise one of our rogue friends has escaped. They are currently in the miscellaneous aisle having torn open their box. As if that wasn't enough they have also ripped up their about me list!

What do we do? Do we panic and start running after them, basket at the ready? "Get back here!" we shout as they zigzag their way up and down random aisles. There is only one thing for it we decide and we attempt our first ever rugby tackle, we are convinced that if we can just get them back in their rightful box all will be well. We will be able to breathe easily again, comfortable in the knowledge that we know where they are, who they are, what they are. I mean we have busy lives and finding time to discover who people really are, well it's all rather inconvenient and time consuming.

As we crash unceremoniously to the floor, we catch sight of the rebel as they barely avoid crashing into a display of could-be-new-friends by the entrance and then they are out of the door making a full-on bid for freedom!

However, let us entertain this crazy notion for a moment. Perhaps people don’t belong in neat boxes, on shelves or with labels. If we belong anywhere, yes this is another food analogy coming up, it is with the crazy chef that throws all sorts of ingredients together to make what is not necessarily the perfect looking meal, but by god it is the most delicious and exciting one we have ever tasted.

How about we let everyone loose from their boxes because who knows what joys unboxed people could bring into our lives, what adventures we could have and … wait for it …. what you could also learn about ourselves in the process. So people, be brave, take the time to get to know people, let them be who they are and yes and embrace the chaos.

Love Cate x

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