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I suppose it all started with a shopping trip ...

About a month ago my daughter and I had planned our first operation "Bronze Reindeer" shopping trip.

Yes, every year we have a theme for our Christmas decorations, and this year it's Reindeer. There might currently be a herd under the tree, one or two on the window sill, and maybe a rogue one on the coffee table ... ok we might have gotten a little carried away!

We were doing a grand job on our to-get list when I spotted a delightfully decorative gingerbread house in the store. It was lovely but a little on the dinky side and a tad expensive too. At this point I should confess, I do love to get my teeth into a good craft project, and therefore it took all of thirty seconds to decide I would make my own, slightly bigger, (16 inches isn't that big right?) totally unique Gingerbread house.

I didn't have a plan to work from, so my first port of call was Pinterest and wow did I find plenty of design ideas, here are a few of my favourites. Once I had decided on the dimensions it was off to cut my wood into sections and then one of my favourite things in the whole world ... sanding! Stop laughing I know it's mad but I love it.

Painting the wood, getting the right shade of ginger, and seeing the little house start to appear was an absolute delight.

The next part took the most time, but shaping all the clay made me feel like a grown-up version of a kid playing with Play-Doh, whose inner child isn't going to love that.

The last major part was gluing all the clay designs to the house, it took a while because I had to glue things to one side, and wait for hours for it to dry before moving on to the next side. I was so close to finishing I could taste it and I promise you, I was hungry.

Once everything was dry I attached a few little hooks on the inside to hang the fairy lights from and then gave the outside a dusting of fake snow and at last, it was complete.

I can tell you it took longer than I expected to create my gingerbread house, but the joy I got from the process was definitely worth it. I have a Christmas decoration no one else in the world has and I get to enjoy it for years to come,

What do you think of the end result? I think it's pretty darn cute.

Love, Cate x

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J.D. Estrada Writer
J.D. Estrada Writer
30. Nov. 2022

Now that's a proper craft project. Love the pictures and lol can just imagine the reindeer assault :D

Gefällt mir
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