The Diary of Charlie Stokes

Day 1

It isn't really day one:- I am not really sure what day it is, but I'm struggling to keep myself together and I figure writing everything down might help make sense of the world I now find myself in.

I am woken all too abruptly by sunlight blazing through recently opened blinds. Bright globes of colour swirl in front of my eyes. Squeezing them tightly shut, I try to clear my vision when a thought flashes into my head. The very last thought I had.

I can still feel his gentle fingers as they slowly brush over my shoulders and trail up my neck. Holding my breath, ripples of pleasure flow through me. The anticipation is almost too much to bear and I raise my head exposing the tender spot under my jawline, hungry to feel his lips upon my skin. I look longingly into his warm brown eyes as a smile pulls at the corner of his lips. His head shakes a very faint no. I know he can see the pleading in my eyes, I don't care, raw need wipes any trace of reason from my head, I want him... I need him.

A raised voice quickly pulls me back to reality. My eyes flick open as a young woman with long brown hair pulled haphazardly on top of her head stomps into the room. Slamming the door shut, she mutters incessantly "Why would she do this to me? This is so unfair!”

The girl slides onto a chair in front of a dressing table and continues ranting to herself. I can see her face in the mirror, her full lips pouting, a typical sulky teen expression. The urge to laugh bubbles up inside me. 

Reaching for her phone, she hasn't said a word to me and my first thought is, nice to be ignored. "Hey," I call over to her, my throat feels dry and sore as I speak. "What's up?" I wait for a response but grumpy girl doesn't even acknowledge me and instead she starts chatting on her phone.

Fine, I think to myself. I decide to sit up and confront her. That's odd... my head... it feels woozy and strangely heavy. I quickly lay back down, as my head hits the pillow a blast of air whooshes out rattling the blinds. Grumpy girl swings around and looks right at me, so I try smiling at her, hoping this will soften her a little. No, nothing, not even a glimmer of a reaction. This really is bang out of order, whatever I did surely I don't deserve such a cold shoulder. Anger bites up from the pit of my stomach as I turn my back towards her. Two can play at this game.

Catching sight of the large mirror on the opposite wall, my anger is quickly replaced with a sick feeling. I squint at the image in the mirror, why do I look so blurry? Like a photoshopped picture gone dreadfully wrong. Oh dear god I’ve been drugged! I start to scream … when the blackness consumes me. 

The Diary of Charlie Stokes

Day 2

Screaming only seems to succeed in exhausting me. I flop back down on the bed and close my eyes in an attempt to rationalise my thoughts only to be confronted with those gentle brown eyes.

Waves of raw passion sweep through me as my back arches towards him. He lowers his hand, his cool fingers slowly caress my shoulder, moving down to gently brush against my breast. I tremble with anticipation, my breath held in my throat. His hand comes to a stop and a flash of frustration hits me. 

"No! Don't stop now."

My gaze is drawn to his face. A smile pulls at the corner of his lips as his hands slowly and smoothly unwind a length of glossy black ribbon.

A spark of fear and excitement course through me before I am again consumed by the darkness. 

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The Diary of Charlie Stokes

Day 3

I am woken today by grumpy girl fidgeting next to me on the bed. She really is quite irritating and I cannot stand people that won't keep still.

Attempting to shift away from her I notice an odd dragging sensation in my right calf and it seems to be impeding my movement.

Raising my head cautiously from the pillow, my still sleepy eyes try to focus. I squint harder, shaking my head in disbelief, this is wrong, really wrong. My brain's starts rattling around like a demented bee trapped in a jam jar. There is something seriously screwed up here, other than my sanity.

Squeezing my eye's tightly shut, I try to bring some semblance of order to my thoughts. Ok, if my head is playing tricks on me, let's see what my body is doing, maybe some sense will be restored. I wiggle my right leg. Damn! The dragging feeling gets worse and is now accompanied by a stinging tingle. This doesn't look good!

Inhaling the deepest breath I can manage, I pull myself up on my elbows and stare in complete horror.

Grumpy girl has her leg in my right calf.  No, I don't mean on, I mean in my leg.