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"A Great book can lift your spirit, nourish your mind and take you places you never want to leave ."

Cate Evans

We can be empowered by our emotions or we can feel enslaved by them. 

This little book of letters will show you how you can use your emotions to enrich your life, grow emotionally and find the happiness and fulfilment we all seek. 

Sometimes a few words, the right words, are all you need. 

I have always had a desire to help people, especially with regard to how they feel in difficult situations. I wrote this book because I wanted to share some of the things I have learned about love, life, emotional intelligence, and the eternal search for fulfilment and happiness. My reasoning was that if my words can help at least one person, then it is worth writing from the heart.

Readers of this book have expressed tremendous enthusiasm for it, here are a few of their comments:

Ana Arrazio - I hungrily devoured this book, such small pills of wisdom from your heart. I would like to share it with some friends.

​Gilly Richardson - This book is like having a friend in your pocket to take out and give your hope when you need it. 

JD Estrada – Letters of the Heart is proof that you don’t need thousands upon thousands of words to make a point or to drive change. This book is an earnest look at the emotions we feel on a day to day basis to offer perspective.

Since we all have words of wisdom, each letter also provides a space for the reader to write from their perspective as a reflection of those emotions to better understand what they feel and how they want to live. 

"This is the first in a series of adventures in which Rebecca, an ordinary young girl discovers her family and the world isn't quite as ordinary as she thought. As a child I accepted my world at face value but I soon discovered once you look beneath the surface life is never quite what as we perceive it. There are adventures to be had every day, if we are up to the challenge. I hope you enjoy and if you would like to make any comments I would love to read them."

Cate x

Letters from the heart